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EM-Study College Courses

EM-Study College Courses

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Each Independent Study (IS) course earns one credit, with corresponding FEMA course equivalencies:

  • FEMA Course Title Component Courses
    104 Building for the Earthquakes of Tomorrow (IS-8 or IS-8.a)
    105 Retrofitting Flood-Prone Structures (IS-279 or IS-279.a)
    109 Animals in Disaster, Module A (IS-10 or IS-10.a)
    110 Animals in Disaster, Module B (IS-11 or IS-11.a)
    122 Community Hurricane Preparedness (IS-324 or IS-324.a)
    127 Anticipating Hazardous Weather & Community Risk (IS-271 or IS-271.a)
    131 Principles of Emergency Management (IS-230.d or IS-230.e)
    134 Effective Communication (IS-242.b or IS-242.c)
    138 Livestock in Disaster (IS-111 or IS-111.a)
    158 Protecting your home or Small Business from Disaster (IS-394.a)
    161 Emergency Operations Center (IS-2200)
    180 Planning for Vulnerable Populations (IS-366 or IS-366.a)
    192 Geospatial Information Systems Specialist (IS-103)
    196 Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: A Guide for Schools, Higher Education and Houses of Worship (IS-360)
    201 National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) Overview (IS-2900 or IS-2900.a)
    212 Homeland Security Building Design for Continuity of Operations (IS-156)
    214 Reconstitution Planning Course (IS-545)
    103 Community Disaster Exercise (IS-120.a or IS-120.c, IS-130 or IS-130.a and IS-139.a)
    132 Leadership and Decision Making Concepts (IS-45, IS-240.b or IS-240.c and IS-241.b or IS-241.c)
    135 Volunteerism and Emergency Management (IS-244.a or IS-244.b, IS-288 or IS-288.a and IS-289)
    136 Debris Operations (IS-632 or IS-632.a and IS-633)
    140 Emergency Planning (IS-235.b or IS-235.c and IS-2002)
    144 Environmental Preservation Frameworks in Emergency Management (IS-253 or IS-253.a and IS-1190)
    150 Incident Command System (IS-100.b or IS-100.c and IS-200.b or 200.c)
    151 National Incident Management System (NIMS) (IS-700.a or IS-700.b and IS-703.a or IS-703.b)
    156 Emergency Management Principles for Educational Environments (IS-362 or IS-362.a and IS-363)
    157 Introduction to Hazard Mitigation (IS-212.a or IS-212.b, IS-393.a or IS-393.b and IS-2700)
    159 National Preparedness Frameworks: Prevention, Protection, and Response (IS-800.c or IS-800.d, IS-2500 and IS-2600)
    170 The Mitigation eGrants System: Comprehensive Training (IS-30.a or IS-30.b, IS-31.a or IS-31.b and IS-32 or IS-32.a)
    171 Coordinating Information & Resource Sharing for Emergency Management (IS-29 or IS-29.a, IS-42 or IS-42.a and IS-706)
    174 Federal Disaster Assistance (IS-26, IS-293, IS-1001, IS-1005 and IS-1009)
    181 Public-Private Partnerships: Planning, Maintenance, and Special Considerations (IS-15.a or IS-15.b, IS-660, and IS-662)
    183 Public Works Role in Emergency Management (IS-100.b or IS-100.c, IS-554, IS-556 and IS-558)
    184 Logistics and the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (IS-27, IS-245.a or IS-245.b and IS-246)
    186 Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Workforce Basics (IS-319 or IS-319.a, IS-320, IS-321, IS-322 and IS-323)
    187 State, Local, and Tribal Mitigation Planning (IS-328, IS-329 and IS-350)
    188 Critical Infrastructure Protection (IS-860.b or IS-860.c, IS-913 or IS-913.a, IS-915 and IS-916)
    189 Preparedness in the Workplace and Community (IS-450, IS-904, IS-906, IS-907, IS-909, IS-912 and IS-914)
    191 Emergency Management & Technical Tools Application (IS-247.a or IS-247.b, IS-251 or IS-251.a and IS-922 or IS-922.a)
    198 Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) Fundamentals (IS-276 or *IS-276.a and IS-277 or *IS-277.a)
    200 Homeland Security Geospatial Operations & Management (IS-60.a or IS-60.b, IS-61.a or IS-61.b, IS-62.a or IS-62.b, IS-63.a or IS-63.b and IS-64 or IS-64.a)
    203 Dams Sector Security Awareness (IS-871 or IS-871.a and IS-872 or IS-872.a)
    205 Fundamentals of Management and Support Coordination of Federal Disaster Operations (IS-822 and IS-2000)
    206 Substantial Damage Estimation (IS-284 or IS-284.a and IS-285)
    213 Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) (IS-315.a and IS-317 or IS-317.a)
    216 The NEMIS Hazard Mitigation Grant Program: Training for All Users (IS-841.a, IS-842.a or IS-842.b, IS-843.a, IS-844.a and IS-845.a)
    217 Flood Insurance Coverage Basics (IS-1100 or IS-1100.a, IS-1101.a or IS-1101.b, IS-1108, IS-1109 or IS-1109.a, IS-1115 and IS-1117)
    218 Flood Insurance: Mapping Concepts and Applications (IS-273, IS-274, IS-1106 or IS-1106.a, IS-1110 or IS-1110.a, IS-1113, IS-1119 and IS-1120)
    219 Principles of Flood Insurance Elevation (IS-1102, IS-1103 or IS-1103.a and IS-1105 or IS-1105.a)
    220 Fundamentals of Flood Insurance Claims (IS-1104, IS-1107, IS-1111, IS-1112 and IS-1114)
    221 Cultural Competence in Disaster: Before, During, and After (IS-20, IS-21, IS-368, and IS-505)
    222 Introduction to Unified Federal Review (UFR) (IS-215 and IS-216)
    223 Federal Disaster Deployment Procedures (IS-101.b or IS-101.c, IS-102.b or IS-102.c, IS-107, and IS-951)
    224 Hazard Mitigation for Flood Management in Disasters (IS-158 and IS-162)
    225 Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT) Disaster Deployment Training (IS-144 or IS-144.a and IS-1200)
    226 Introduction to the Facility Security & Risk Management Process (IS-1170, IS-1171, IS-1172 and IS-1174)
    228 Public Assistance Program: Practical Management Elements (IS-1002, IS-1006, IS-1014 and IS-1020)
    229 Assessing and Responding to Internal Dam Erosion (IS-874, IS-875, and IS-876)


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