E0133: Exercise Conduct, Evaluation and Improvement Planning

E0133: Exercise Conduct, Evaluation and Improvement Planning FEMA Test Answers

Course Description

  • Advanced Facilitation Strategies
  • Exercise Conduct: Sharing best practices
  • Where do Critical Tasks come from
  • Importance of Root Cause Analysis
  • Teach Back: Case study in Corrective Action Programs
  • Analysis from home/come prepared with the following documents for peer review and best practice discussion: EEG, Participant Briefings, Hot Wash

Selection Criteria: Participation in this course is limited to EMI Resident MEPP Candidates who have successfully completed E0132, Exercise Foundations, Program Management, Design and Development. Courses must be taken in a series.

ACE: Level: Upper Division

ACE: Credit Hours: 1


Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate proficiency with the principles of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program as they relate to exercise conduct, evaluation and improvement planning.

Mission Areas

  • Common


  • Emergency Management

Primary Core Capability

Operational Coordination

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