E0208: State Coordinating Officer

E0208: State Coordinating Officer




E0208: State Coordinating Officer

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Course Description

This course provides key state staff with updated information on the disaster assistance process and programs. The focus is on management issues the State Coordinating Officer (SCO) may face in relationship with Federal, state, local, and tribal partners in the Joint Field Office (JFO) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Selection Criteria: State and FEMA staff who have disaster management responsibilities such as an SCO, Deputy SCO, Tribal Coordinating Officer, Governor’s Authorized Representative, Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO), and Deputy FCO.

CECs: 12

Course Objectives

  • Establish priorities through joint action planning with disaster response and recovery partners.
  • Implement and manage state and Federal disaster response and recovery organizations.
  • Build partnerships among the state and other disaster response and recovery organizations.
  • Apply interpersonal skills to develop positive working relationships.
  • Supervise state staff in the JFO or state EOC during a disaster response.
  • Manage the state’s role in long-term recovery.

Mission Areas

  • Common


  • Emergency Management

Primary Core Capability

Operational Coordination

Point of Contact (POC)

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