E0210: Recovery from Disaster: The Local Community Role

E0210: Recovery from Disaster: The Local Community Role




E0210: Recovery from Disaster: The Local Community Role

Course Details

Course Description

This resident course is designed for local disaster recovery teams consisting of emergency managers, city/county administrators, public works directors, building inspectors, and community planners. The course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of each team member, and provides guidance on developing a local disaster recovery plan. Best practices in disaster recovery are summarized in a toolkit included in the course materials. Participants are given the opportunity to develop an outline of their own recovery plan during the course.

Selection Criteria:

  • Local elected official (Mayor, City/County Council Member)
  • Tribal Leaders
  • City/County Manager / Staff
  • City / County Planners/Staff
  • Regional Planning Commissions
  • Economic Development Districts
  • Finance Director/Assessor
  • Emergency Manager/Staff
  • Public Works Director/Staff
  • Building Inspector/Staff
  • Floodplain Manager/Staff
  • Health Care Administrator or Planner
  • Public Information Officer
  • Housing Director or Planner/Staff
  • Voluntary Agency Coordinator or Unmet Needs Committee Coordinator
  • Business Organization Representative
  • Administrative Director/Manager
  • State Recovery Staff and Partners (so they can be tuned into recovery at the local level)

ACE: Level: Lower Division/Associate

ACE: Credit Hours: 3

CECs: 12

Course Objectives

  • Increase understanding of local community responsibilities and challenges associated with disaster recovery.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of ¿lessons learned¿ in disaster recovery at the local level.
  • Develop and implement a pre-disaster recovery plan.

Mission Areas

  • Common


  • Emergency Management



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