• IS-240.B: Leadership and Influence - FEMA Test Answers
  • IS-240.B: Leadership and Influence - FEMA Test Answers

IS-240.C: Leadership and Influence


Product Title: IS-240.C: Leadership and Influence

This study guide includes all correct answers for IS-240.C: Leadership and Influence Course Date 8/13/2021.

Course Overview

The goal of this course is to improve your leadership and influence skills. This course addresses:

  • Leadership from within
  • How to facilitate change
  • How to build and rebuild trust
  • Using personal influence and political savvy
  • Fostering an environment for leadership development

Course Objectives

  • Explain what leadership means for emergency personnel
  • Explain why effective leadership begins with personal insight and development
  • Identify your leadership capabilities and areas for personal development
  • Describe a change management model and the process for planning, communicating, and implementing changes
  • Describe how to build and rebuild trust in an organization
  • Use personal influence and develop political savvy to network and influence people effectively
  • Develop strategies for creating a positive work environment that fosters leadership and a commitment to continuous improvement in others

Primary Audience: This is an entry-level course designed for individuals new to the field of emergency management or persons with a desire to understand the fundamentals of emergency management.

Prerequisites: None

CEUs: 0.3

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