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IS-904 TEST ANSWERS Active Shooter Prevention: You Can Make a Difference


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IS-904 TEST ANSWERS: Active Shooter Prevention: You Can Make a Difference

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Course Overview

We all play a critical role and the choices you make will have lasting ramifications on you and those around you. This course focuses on the actions you can take to help reduce the likelihood of an active shooter incident in your workplace. While we can’t prevent these incidents 100% of the time, we can reduce the likelihood of an incident and prevent some incidents from occurring, thereby saving lives. During this course, we will share tools and perspectives you may use to reduce the likelihood of an active shooter incident.

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize indicators that someone is on pathway to violence, including the role that stressors play and the importance of addressing concerning behaviors
  • Identify potential concerning behaviors, how to recognize them, and when to take appropriate action
  • Identify common pre-attack indicators demonstrated by active shooters and how to recognize them
  • Identify empathy and compassion techniques to reduce the likelihood an event will escalate into an active shooter incident
  • Identify situations where professional help could be used to prevent an incident escalating into a violent situation
  • Identify traits of a connected and supportive work environment
  • Recognize the characteristics of productive conflict and destructive conflict






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